Next excursion was to Mt.Titlis,the highest vantage point in central switzerland.We started excusrion day at 10 a.m., by boarding delux bus.It took us through a very scenic route to the mountain village of Engelberg.It was absolutely stunning.Engelburg was the starting point for our venture to titlis.In this place wherever you turn there is a maountain range in front of you with snow and ice.It took around 40 minutes to go up from here.

First 25minutes is a ride in a gondola-a wire suspended box that carries 6 people.After first stage we were 5904feet above sea level.In the next stage of ascent we rode inside a larger gondola.End of this stage we were 8036 feet above sealevel.The final stage we boarded 360degree revolving aerial gondola/rotair(heard its world's first ever rotair).While ascending to the top the floor of gondola rotates.We can see spectacular view of the Alps.When we reached top we were 10000 feet above sea level,having nothing around but Alps,snow,mountain air,ice and skiers.Oh....yes there were restaurants,shopping centres too.And of course the famous swiss watch shops as well.:-)

On our way back to Zurich from Titlis we visited one beautiful charming city called Lucerne.Lucerne has attractions for everybody.Highly impressed city it is.It claims to be one of the world's six most frequently visited cities.I can say its a darling town....clean,bright and friendly.City is situated on lake Lucerne and a river runs through the middle of the city.This city is surrounded by snow capped mountains in 3 directions.

Lake Lucerne is amongst the most spectacular with mountains on all the sides and forests coming down to the shore at several places.Worth doing a cruise ,but we couldnt go as we were running out of time.We saw the famous Chapel bridge-204m long wooden bridge built in 1333,eventhough much of it had to be replaced after 1993 fire.Ok..,let me not write the fire story here.This place is one of the most photographed one in the world.The bridge runs by the octagonal water tower.Inside the bridge series of paintings from 17th century are present.Bridge with its tower is this city's famous landmark.

This city is famous for shopping too..;-).We bought one swiss watch for me..and the famous swiss knife.Of course yummy chocolates...:-)
The calm,peaceful lucerne lake impressed me the most.

Came back and relaxed at hotel.We roamed around zurich city,old town next day.Collected info about their government,economy etc.Another thing to mention is the punctuality of trains and frequency.Travelling is not at all difficult there.No doubt an expensive country.

Swiss has post card views evrywhere.Colors are just brilliant.Combination of green and blue,snow capped peaks around,several lakes in between,different textures of water,tall leafless trees,the lawn like grass,white capped houses,railways tracks in between the mountains with different trains moving in and out of mountains,the roads,tunnels all these made us took huge no of photos.I felt happy for the reason-I can click good photos...Hehehehhe..Anybody can with so much God gifted beauty around.

It was just like in Heidi stories I read as a kid.Small towns with red roofs(or rather white in winter season),sprinkled on green ground and alps hang in the keep continuing the description again if i wont stop now....:-)