We passed through amazing landscapes to the mountain world of Bernese Oberland.We both were clicking photos on all the sides, one in digital camera other in mobile camera. No one can become a bad photographer there. Just a click without much focus also results in a good photo. We went to the Interlaken on the way.
Interlaken is a village between 2 huge lakes Thun and Brienz.Other two sides are surrounded by mountains. Town is very pretty and situated in the heart of Swiss Alps below Jungfraujoch mountain. Ride to Interlaken gave some amazing views of small villages tucked in the valleys. We bought a nice Swiss watch (Swiss military) for Sud.Before buying we had done bargain for some time. Bargain was not with the shop person but between us....:-)

From Interlaken we headed to Lauterbrunnen.From there the journey upwards continues in the modern narrow gauge cogwheel railway. The track is not wide enough to accommodate standard trains. It is something like roller coaster; a centre rail of gear teeth is used to help pull the train up the tracks. Ride from Lauterbrunnen to Kleine Scheidegg was scenic with mountains, waterfalls, tiny houses, snow coated trees etc.We saw some cows also at some houses in the snow filled mountain. At Kleine Scheidegg we found our self in front of Mt.Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau.

From Kleine Scheidegg we took another train to Jungfraujoch.There was nice view of red colour train running in the middle of snowed mountains. This final leg to the top was by a way of tunnel which was more than 9km long. It took 30 years to drill this tunnel. This train was quite modern. It had video display which covered history, features and things to do at Jungfraujoch.
We got some great views from viewing platforms cut into the mountains. Train stopped at these places for 5minutes.

Final destination of this train was at Jungfraujoch which is the highest train station in Europe.This place sites to some of highest mountains of europe,to name Eiger,Monch and Jungfrau.We had great views at top which is 3454m above sea level.Went to Sphinx observatory to catch views of Monch and Jung glaciers.It was breathtaking.The ice palace is a must visit.Floor,ceiling,walls,sculptures everything is ice there.Couldnot walk for long since it was terribly freezing.There were restaurants,shops. Sud was busy there looking at watches even after buying one...:-)

After spending sometime there we felt altitude sickness.Since there was change in blood pressure(someone said so.i am not good in these medical things) got dizziness.We got train from there to go down.This journey was on the other side and it leads to Grindelwald.
The most memorable,amazing day it was!In the whole swiss trip I can say this is the highlighted part.