Last Sunday i got opportunity to watch the most talked kannada movie of these days "Mungaru Male"Had planned many times before to watch that movie, but it got canceled for various reasons.
Tickets got over when it was just my turn to buy..(why this always happens to me?i still wonder!!!)Some people were sending tickets in black.....Since we decided to watch that movie at any cost ,we bought the tickets...Was eager to watch as i heard very good reviews about the movie.
Wav... a very nice Kannada movie i watched after really long time..Eventhough i heard the reviewsi wasnt biased...I had a different impression/opinion about the hero of the movie and i dint knw who was the heroine. Hero just perfectly fitted into the role i felt after watching...Story is very ordinary but it is presented so well.The best part of the movie is its dialogues... It was so natural and funny and factful at places...
Second thing is the picturization...(In fact not the second thing)The best picturised kannada movie i ever watched.The monsoon rain is picturised so well.. It reminded the monsoon days of my place..(coastal Karnataka)..Simply superb..Now i have a desire to drench in the next monsoon rain...(Let my mother say whatevr :-))
Another positive point is the songs. Awesome lyrics and beautifully sung by the singers...(Especially Sonu Nigam)
Just cannot come out of the movie effect still..... Hm.......End message is still running in my mind...its nice..."Preethi Madhura Thyaga amara"..Kudos to "Mungaru Male" team.