Here i am blogging after a gap.
There is a major change in life which was never updated here and its almost 14 months for my motherhood..Oh..Yes..We r blessed with a baby girl on 6th march 2009.
Its a great feeling to be a mother and even greater to carry the responsibilites of a life.
Also i realised why mother is God.its very much true.It requires enormous energy,patience which i lacked initially..Time and experience teaches everything.

A Poem for little one....:-)

when i listened your heartbeat
i was happy and delight
when i heard your first cry
my heart filled with joy

your tender skin
soft little chin
releaving all the pain
feeling i couldnot explain

eyes looked so curious
face litted with innocence
your small sound
made me literally astound

you are the angel
my princess
love your giggle
hug and kisses

There is a saying "Only one child is perfect in the world and every mother has it.".True!!!