In this blog i am going to write about one of my all time fav topic "Malgudi Days"
From my childhood days i am so fascinated by this..
First I watched the serial which was telecasted in DD.. then i read the book "Swami and Friends"(serial is based on this book mainly).
Wav.....what an awesome serial it was... characters were very natural....
Hats off to the director Shankar Nag.....:-)
and the most admired character is of course Swaminathan... I think no one could have handled the role better than Master Manjunath... he was so perfect for the role....
I love the title song... its an awesome tune.... even now i listen to this atleast once in a day.....

I am reading that book again and again... Why i love this book so much is i can relate myself to the character swami... I have also gone through situations which he goes through... It reminds me my childhood days...

Oh my god .. i forgot to mention about the writer.. (of course people know. but still)
R.K.Narayan the great author.....i have read some other books by him also.. but i dint like them as much as "Swami and Friends"..

Will stop now......
Hey.... this is my first finally i belonged to blogger's group. :-)this just a way i found to put my views,thoughts or likes and dislikes ... which happens in this world....around me....since it belonged to me i gave title as "Being me".
Ok let me start with some nice thoughts.. i just want to mention some of the thoughts i come across ,which i like most and always inspires me..
"We must find a way or make one."
"Thank God for what you have, TRUST GOD for what you need. "
"Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly "
"Happiness is enhanced by others but does not depend upon others. "
"Good people are good because, they have gained wisdom after passing through failure "
"Enjoy yourself. These are the “good old days” you’re going to miss in the years ahead "
"Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much "
Will update others soon...